Art Class

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I started this series of watercolors of mushrooms about a month ago, so these photos are from then.  Most of these grow locally in the Fall(my father is an avid mushroom hunter and I sometimes tag along).  I guess I just kind of like the style of just recording plant life is in very descriptive fashion, or something along those line.

Self Portraiture

I am attempting to make a self portrait for a friend I correspond with through the mail and haven’t actually seen in years.  I also haven’t painted a self portrait in years, let alone drawn or painted any figures.  I don’t know if its my diminished skill with the subject matter, or my poor self image that resulted in these crappy illustrations.  But I thought they were pretty funny, I did a few more and couldn’t help chastising myself each time I made a unflattering stroke.  Lol.


Tomato plants!

Some paintings made to show at Organic Peddler.